This artwork above is a composite of studio provided unit photography. The studio did not produce poster art to use for promotion of this series.  Executives felt that the problem with this composite image is that the main characters look to be running back toward the disaster. 
This composite still consists of studio provided unit photography. Executives thought this one looked like the female lead here could have been dead.
Executives within decided that we could try and add figures with body doubles to the studio provided artwork to create a composite illustration that would be more dynamic and represent the series better. So we cast the doubles, purchased wardrobe and set up this in house shoot to use for print and video promotion of "Hindenburg: The Last Flight".  This is the selected shot from this shoot.
Then we took this shot and adjusted lighting and contrast to begin to bring it into the composite.
This image is the final approved vertical poster art for the series.
And this image is the final horizontal poster art used for the promotion of "Hindenburg: The Last Flight". 

The studio and internal executives for Encore / Starz agreed to use these for promotion.